The initiator of the project is web3 Digital Art Collective NFTense. You can read more about this platform here About NFTense. The team believes that web3 innovations such as NFT & DAOs can dramatically improve the structures and ways in which communities and society can function. The team operates from Prague and Zürich and leverages long-term expertise in art and curation, NFTs, the nonprofit landscape, and digital marketing.

As transparency is one of the core principles of the Divergents, the founding team members have decided to reveal their identities (doxxed).

Founders (NFTense)

Mattbullish / Matěj Zimák - digital entrepreneur, NFT analyst & investor, NFTense co-founder.

Qubi / Jana Kubátová - idea maker, curator, copywriter, NFTense co-founder, animal spirit.

Lukas / Lukáš Bartoň - serigraphy e-shop founder, artist, graphic designer, NFTense co-founder.


Marek Ehrenberger - visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. More in The unique art.


NoQik - digital marketer, inventor, Twitter & Discord community builder.

Wagminomist - digital alchemist, backend / smart contract programmer.

KrissK2W - TBD.

Aquamarine - project manager, innovation strategist, environmentalist, writer.

TripIT - DeFi and NFT enthusiastic Entrepreneur, in crypto and in real life.

Dragon - founder of Dragon Labs, discord specialist, DeFi & NFT expert (ETH, ICP)

Krysaa - passionate newbie NFT collector.


Resistance - DeFi & NFT community master, founder of the first Czech & Slovak NFT community.

SyndicateNL - collaborations, partnerships, marketing & project advisor.

We are always looking for new team members, advisors or moderators that could provide guidance or help us develop particular parts of the project. Feel free to reach out on our Discord or via e-mail at

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