Project proposals

When submitting a project proposal for receiving a grant of up to 2 ETH from the Divergents community, several conditions need to be fulfilled in order for the Steering Committee to be able to approve it. The team has formed the following conditions for the project proposal in order to be eligible for a grant:

  • the person proposing a project must be The Divergents NFT holder;

  • a project with a real impact on physical space or digital space;

  • either external project for which you already have a team, but in the best-case scenario, it would be a community-led project, in which more Divergents would be involved;

  • have a well-executed presentation that makes the purpose and use of funds clear;

  • specify any organization, public figure, or other entity that will provide a guarantee. It is important to have someone involved that can prove a project’s legitimacy. If not, it is required that team members be doxxed.

  • ability to report on the progress of the project that can be shared with the community once the grant is received.

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