Let's Divert

Recognizing the overwhelming impact of humanity on the planet, we are responding to the challenges of universal responsibility and sustainability – each in a very individualistic way. We understand that at the beginning of idea-stage projects, individuals may face many complexities and obstacles on their journey of turning their idea into reality. As parts of our vision, Divergent philanthropy, and Divergent guild the Divergents want to help the creators and founders with the following:

  1. Extend the network & potentially find new like-minded project members or supporters;

  2. Secure financial support to cover the initial steps of turning an idea into reality;

  3. Receive feedback and idea validation from the community;

  4. Receive guidance and advice from relevant industry professionals & organizations.

Divergent philanthropy

One of the core utilities of The Divergents NFT holders is the ability to vote regarding which community-led projects do the Divergents financially support. The NFT holder can also submit their own proposal and receive a grant from the community of up to 2 ETH from the treasury.

The project proposals are considered by a Steering Committee composed temporarily of founding team members i.e. @Mattbullish, @Qubi, @Lukas, and the artist @Marek. In the long term, the team plans to put these positions up for a vote and the community will be able to approve or choose their own representatives.

Innovative corporate social responsibility (CSR)

As a part of the ecosystem the Divergents are building is also inviting corporations into our community-driven platform via auctioning or gifting The Divergent NFT. The corporations have the possibility of financially supporting any of the community initiatives on their own accord. The ability to financially support projects is thus not entirely dependent on treasury & ability to secure financing from third parties increases the sustainability of the project.

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