Utility & benefits

We are building a new ecosystem and want to make sure that there is a utility for different parts of our Divergent community - whether it be philanthropy/altruism, art or simply collecting NFTs into our community vault that will drive the value treasury and NFTs.

Divergent philanthropy

  • Get 2 ETH for your project - possibility to submit a proposal for your project and chance to get financed by the community up to 2 ETH.

  • Community vote - decide on which projects get financed and vote on other important questions, collect POAPs that signify your support of a specific project and that you want to make our world a better place.

Divergent art

  • Unique art - hold unique hand-drawn artwork by European artist Marek Ehrenberger & make a statement of positive change in this world.

  • Get exclusive signed print - mint 2 or more NFTs & get an exclusive physical print signed by the artist.

  • Free NFTs from next seasons & artist collabs - chance to get free NFTs from future The Divergents NFT collections and airdrops from future collaborations with artists.

  • Discount for Divergent merch - NFT holders will enjoy discounts on our physical art and merchandise once the e-shop will be made available.

Divergent guild

  • Educational content & talks by professionals - discover exclusive private educative content, talks and AMAs with professionals and creators from the space.

  • Partnership benefits - enjoy benefits such as discounts or access from partnerships with global organizations and corporations that we will share with the community.

Divergent vault

  • Utility from acquired NFTs - enjoy benefits with our community from acquired NFTs, whether it be access to virtual land, airdrops, IRL events, whitelists & more.

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