Introducing The Divergents

The Divergents introduce a concept of web3 philanthropy. It is a socially conscious collection of 2022 unique hand-drawn NFTs by artist Marek Ehrenberger that aspires to bring artistic value to the NFT sphere but more importantly works towards a philanthropic purpose. The NFT provides its holder with a key to access our community, enables the holder to vote on important questions (governance), and also carries the utility & benefits of the ecosystem we are building.

Problem: individuals lack finance, network, and knowledge to create impact projects; absence of web3 platforms to drive small-scale and long-term positive change; high administrative costs running web2 schemes; lack of identification with web2 initiatives.

Solution: a community-driven platform that accelerates and funds idea-stage impact projects, connects impact communities with NGOs, organizations & corporations.

Our story

In the last 2 years humankind has been facing an unprecedented global crisis. This period has been hard on all of us, and profoundly real. It has most definitely been very unsettling to adjust to a new way of life. With all the incomprehensible changes, many people found themselves forced to reflect on their lives. This reflective force has been felt worldwide and it prompts an unwavering response of empathy, unity, and altruism.

​​It affected us too. When the NFT phenomenon started to become more widespread, we founded NFTense Digital Art Collective and started exploring how we could connect the NFTs, fine art, and our philanthropic aspirations. Our ideas eventually turned into the concept of “The Divergents” NFT collection.

We share the belief that participating in a digital community bonded by certain attitudes, values, and goals is an essential ingredient to enjoying a fulfilling life.

The most important starting point for us in launching The Divergents was the common purpose of initiating positive change from the bottom up. We mean above all that philanthropy should not just be the preserve of the rich, but that it is achievable for each of us — especially since web3 allows us to come together globally.

Charity & philanthropy meets NFTs

There have been many successful projects in the NFT space that after they sold out, they have as a one-off initiative dedicated a part or all of their proceeds from NFT sales to a charitable cause.

While the Divergents applaud these efforts, they miss a web3 initiative that would attempt to drive a long-term sustainable change - build a supportive platform for like-minded individuals interested in altruism, charity, and philanthropy and also would support individuals or teams on their journey of turning the idea into reality.


Instead of creating another NFT project that would make a one-time monetary contribution towards a specific issue, The Divergents have decided to focus on the long-term - to build a community-driven platform that unites similar-minded people and an ecosystem that would allow for driving long-term sustainable change in our society. Our vision is divided into 5 core activities and areas of interest:

  1. Divergent philanthropy - a platform for accelerating & funding early-stage community-led projects creating a positive impact.

  2. Divergent art - launch NFT collections to crowdfund treasury, airdrops with artists for holders, and craft merchandise.

  3. Divergent guild - connect impact-focused communities with web2 professionals & advisors from global organizations & NGOs.

  4. Divergent labs - digital initiatives developed by the core team with a positive impact on the NFT ecosystem.

  5. Divergent vault - generate alpha by collecting utility NFTs increasing value in long term & NFTs from our artist collaborations.

The Divergents prefer long-term solutions that address the root causes of problems rather than providing relief in the short term are leaning more towards philanthropy than charity. Part of the vision is also to prove that there is also a place for altruism in the NFT space and that innovation can also provide more efficient web3 structures to drive change from the bottom up.

Let's Divert combines the idea to fund and accelerate community-led impact projects with support of community, nonprofits and professionals and Roadmap outlines our steps in the following months.

NFT collection

The Divergents NFT collection is a key to the community and ecosystem we are building. Learn more about the The unique art, the artist behind the collection Marek Ehrenberger, Supply & rarity traits of the Divergents and Utility & benefits for the NFT holders.

In February on the symbolic date of 22th February 2022, we have sold out our first presale of 500 NFTs that provided us with funding to provide grant for first few projects and also continue working on the Divergents. The next mint will be in May/June, that will allow us to fully launch our community.


In the long run, The Divergents want to fully transform into a DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) bridging impact communities and the web2 world of organizations, NGOs, and corporations to accelerate & fund idea-stage community-led projects driving a positive impact to our planet & society. One-third of the net proceeds from the NFT collections are dedicated to the treasury to support community projects and create value for NFT holders.


The initiator behind The Divergents is NFTense, a digital art collective in the web3 universe. You can read more about the collective in About NFTense. The founding team members of the collective are fully doxxed (revealed their identity) and combine their experience in the art industry, NGO sector & NFT space, and entrepreneurship.

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