For NFT projects & DAOs

When we are looking for projects to collaborate with, we always look for ways to benefit both communities. We're not just looking for one-off whitelist exchanges, but for long-term partnerships or ways, how we can extend utility for our communities or gain exposure. Due to our focus, some strong themes of Divergents are philanthropy, art, building a DAO, or providing interesting utilities to holders, but we are constantly on the lookout for collaborations with projects that innovate and push NFT space forward.

Collaboration options

Whitelist spots

The most common thing in NFT space, yet can bring value to NFT holders of both projects and give them a chance to mint. If your project is on Ethereum blockchain, we can create joint collaboration page (only for holders of your NFT). You can just share the announcement and the link with your community. If you are pre-mint, we can make a custom page.

We will also be happy to throw a like + RT whitelist raffle on your Twitter profile separate from collab.

NFT giveaway & exchange

One of the main utilities of our NFT is funding community-led impact projects that our community selects. We can offer your community giveaway for Divergents NFT, so they can propose their idea for a project in the future or just appreciate the art.

We are also building our community vault, where we collect utility & community NFTs of projects we believe in. As a part of the partnership, we can exchange NFTs. We will introduce our community to your project with a short analysis and why we think it's something worth watching (for NFT holders only), so you gain further exposure.

Creative competitions & Twitter spaces

Twitter spaces are a great tool to introduce a project, art or founder to the community. We see it as a great opportunity for our communities as they can discover different takes on art, NFTs, common topics of our projects or just learn more about web3 space.

With every Twitter spaces, we are trying to give some value to our holders through creative competitions. They are focused on the projects we are collaborating with.

Exposure in our projects

Part of the project vision is to help and fund other projects in the space. Thanks to this, we are able to provide more exposure to our holders and also to our partner communities.

One of the first projects that will most likely be selected is pop-up events at NFT conferences in Prague this summer. At these events, we can showcase partner projects and raise awareness.

Do you have a collaboration suggestion? Contact either NoQik or Mattbullish that are responsible for collaborations or drop us a message in our Discord.

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