The unique art

The Divergents are unique not just due to what they represent, but also the way how they bring artistic value to the NFT space. Each of the 2022 NFTs is an independent, valuable piece of art created by Czech artist Mark Ehrenberg.

By Marek Ehrenberger

Marek is a visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and worked in studios in Zurich, Barcelona, and New York. His distinctive style combines unbridled lines and shapes, textures, and vibrant colors, often portraying prominent members of today’s ever-changing individualistic society. The collection of divergent personalities is based on this concept, but with a different narrative aspect and a distinctly original conclusion. The Divergents are a new generation: although individualistic, they utilize their unique skills for the Greater Good.

The creative process

It was a challenge to design 10+1 characters and to differentiate them with different elements, color palettes, and ornaments and multiply them into 2022 pieces. Over the course of five months, we managed to come up with combinations of the characters and their 14 rarities, such as David Bowie's eyes, mules, or trance goggles.

We systematically colored the background and combinations of the Divergent faces so that all the Divergents maintained a consistent visual style, however, each Divergents NFT is an original piece of art. We also manually created the backgrounds of the Divergents, which illustrate the overall character of each of the 11 characters and provide a lot of symbols and references.

All the Divergent NFTs were created manually, making the project fundamentally different from most collections that are generated by the software. In a collection that contains such a variety of characters, it was simply not possible to take a rarity element such as glasses and simply "glue" them to all 10 characters. Each character has all the "Edgy extras" (as we call our rarity elements), drawn to fit their character. So even if another NFT is the same character, the art is slightly different. Below you can see a sample of the rank distribution i.e. DAO stripes, that was also done manually.

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