Treasury & Divergent vault

As a preparation for the planned transition of the community into a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) the team has created the treasury and Divergent vault. Since the launch of a DAO any future significant decisions regarding either treasury or Divergent vault would undergo community votes and would be fully in hands of the NFT holders.


To provide the Divergents with initial funds, the team decided to allocate 33% of the net proceeds from the sale (mint) of NFT collection to the community treasury. The earnings from the first sold-out presale of 500 NFTs were stored in Gnosis safe with multisig (multisignature) and are to be used in accordance with the vision i.e. to fund community-led impact projects, invest in utility NFTs to be stored in the Divergent vault, or fund other areas of the Divergents activities.

Divergent vault

The purpose of the Divergent vault is to collect utility NFTs that provide benefits to the NFT holders such as access to closed communities, rights, future airdrops or some other benefits to the community and in the long term are likely to increase in value. For now, to maximize the value of treasury the team focuses on three activities:

  • invest in utility NFTs (metaverses, access to closed communities etc.);

  • exchange NFTs with other partnered projects;

  • collect NFTs from the artists based on collaborations.

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