Supply & rarity traits

There is a total supply of 2022 NFTs. The Divergents are divided into 10 core human mindsets divided equally. There is 200 NFTs of each character in the NFT collection amounting to 2000 NFTs. The remaining 22 NFTs represent a special 11th character, that we will be revealed later on.

Quick overview

  1. 2022 Divergents - unique personalities who divert Planet Earth.

  2. 10 Characters - divided equally, so every tribe has 200 members.

  3. 12 Backgrounds - distributed randomly among all the characters.

  4. 13 Skin hues - randomly applied to further boost rarity value.

  5. 14 Edgy Extras - weird embellishments to accent certain characters’ oddity.

  6. 3 DAO Stripes - a distinctive ranking that grants certain privileges in the DAO.

Rarity traits

There are 10 characters of the Divergents. We wanted to create a Divergent society representing all human subcultures and mindsets. You can choose which character is closest to your heart. Your choice will later define your role in the community.

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